A diverse, cross-cultural law firm with
a broad spectrum of practice areas

We take the time to fully understand each individual case, taking into consideration your needs as we work to achieve your goals. This attentive process helps us attain and provide a honest assessment of your legal rights. In our firm, you speak with the attorney you hired to handle your business–not a paralegal. We believe in giving you personal attention while providing cost-effective solutions with the highest level of professionalism.

Our firm practices law by utilizing three essential legal skills


We employ “Counselor-at–Law” skills, taking care to actively listen and not formulate answers until you have told us your story. This allows us to develop the best approach to resolving your issue.


We employ “Lawyering” skills, and thoroughly research the law to determine the legal procedures to advance or defend your case–even when you may think there seems to be no hope for a good outcome.


We employ “Advocacy” skills. We have keen insight to intuitively and instinctively battle your case in court, or to accomplish your business objectives through effective contract negotiation.

We believe in our clients when no one else may, and will help you stand your ground.

How can we help you?

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